Currently Open:

prices are in AUD
payment is taken through PayPal only
PayPal currency conversion rates aren't consistent so i can not give you a exact quote in any other currency - please keep this in mind!

YCH Emotes

YCH (your character here) emotes!
choose which base you would like~
you will receive your emotes in 112px 52px 28px sizes
1 Emote = $12
5 Emotes = $50
12 Emotes (entire set) = $110

finished examples:

chibi bust-up

perfect for icons!
by default comes unshaded with flat background
starting price: $20additions:
shading +$10
fullbody +$10
plushies/pets +10

YCH Chibi PNGTuber

you will receive 4 frames and animated GIFs that make up the PNGTuber- 2 eye open frames
- 2 blink frames
- 2 GIFs of them animated
Headshot - From $60 AUD
Full-Body - From $80 AUD
additions include:
+$10 simple movement on blink (example: wing flaps/ear wiggle)

Terms and Info

what i can do

i like to draw cute girls and i'm heavily inspired by anime~i have clear examples of my art - if you are expecting anything outside of my exampled style the results may not be to the same standards and I may not accept your commission.Will Draw
i'm most comfortable with these
- feminine characters
- cute boys
- anime fanart
- original characters/VTubers
Might Draw
not much examples/experience, i'm happy to give them a go, but i can't guarentee it'll be up to standards. commission at your own discretion!
- adult males
- pets + quad/anthro furries
- simple backgrounds
- weapons/light armour
- mild blood/gore
- mild NSFW (eg. implied nudity)
Won't Draw
pretty self explanatory.
- extremely outside of my general style
- realism
- elder characters
- extreme muscular/GAR characters
- mecha/vehicles
- NSFW (explicit nudity, sex, violence, extreme gore, etc)
- fetish
- hateful ideologies
i have the right to decline commission requests outside of this list at my own discretion.i may also decline if i believe i can't fulfill your request to the standards that is expected of working with me. please do not take it personally.

Commission Process

commissions typically take up to a month to complete. if i have a commission backlog, or unexpected commitments offline, I will be sure to let you know if there could be a delay prior to payment!
real-life problems can happen but i will do my best to contact in-progress commissioners ASAP if any sudden delays happen!- only once payment is received will i start the commission
- once sketch is completed i'll send it to you for approval, and will make any changes requested. once you've approved the sketch i will move on to finalizing the commission.
- finalized commissions will be then sent though Dropbox, any minor adjustments such as colour changes will be fulfilled if required.


- i hold the rights to the commissioned artwork which allows myself to use commissioned artwork as promotion of myself, use in commission examples, social media posts, etc.
- commissions are for personal use by the customer. this includes, icons, wallpapers, social media posts, personal print-at-home use. if you have any questions for your intended use please ask!
- commissioned work is for use only by the commissioner and ownership shall not be sold, given away, or traded.
- any reproducing, heavily editing, or tracing commissioned artwork is not allowed.
- use of the commissioned work requires visible credit such as "Art/Icon/Emotes by taximals" and be clearly visible in your about section, bio, description, tweet etc.
- Twitch Emotes require Emote Attribution credit. (Artist Badge is not required)
- you are not allowed to sell or profit off commissioned art as prints, merch, t-shirts, etc.
- absolutely no NFT minting is allowed.


please be sure what to expect of a commission from me, clear examples of my work are given on on my social medias and my website. i offer revisions to my sketches to make sure you are satisfied before i move onto completion.please be advised that PayPal's system does take a fee per transaction, once payment is made, that portion is theirs and i can not refund their cut. (info here) refunds will be provided based on my cut of the payment.- prior to receiving a progress sketch, If you change your mind or need to be refunded, contact me and the full price will be refunded.
- after you receive the progress sketch, if changes can't be be fulfilled or we can't come to an agreement I will offer a 20% refund.
- after you have approved the sketch i will move on to finalizing the commission and there will be no option for refunds.
i also have the right to cancel and refund the payment should there be any major disagreements or i feel i can not fulfill your commission.any charge-backs after completion will revoke any rights of usage of previous commissions, and will be forbidden from commissioning me again.
your social media will also be displayed/blacklisted as a warning to other artists.

ych emotes

for TidalTommy
by taximals

coloured pencil style bust-up

for mahou
by taximals

ych trick-or-treat emotes

limited time commissions
by taximals